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for life - for performance - for well-being

Train your brain to:

Our brain is the most powerful instrument in the universe. Tony Buzan believes that we use only 1% of its capacity and said in a recent interview "We are literally at the beginning of the dawn of intelligence"

The Sphere Programme is about tapping into the limitless potential of your own mind.

Sphere Training enables participants to build a powerful internal resource of limitless energy, positivity and creativity and provides the practical tools required to apply the programme to every area of your daily life. Sphere is the ultimate mental fitness programme.

Sphere Coaching helps you find all the answers and resources you need within you through asking the questions that enable you to uncover them.

Sphere will enable you to:

Harness the untapped power of your whole mind to easily achieve the changes you desire through creating Powerful Positive Thinking and by eliminating negativity and managing stress.

Achieve your business, life and personal development goals through a system that includes powerful motivating tools from Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis.

Begin with the end in mind and to manifest your dreams by teaching you how to focus your intentions and your thinking on the experiences of success you want in your life.

Sphere powerfully enhances the performance of individuals, teams and organisations through training workshops, individual coaching and team or group coaching