Sphere for Business

Businesses benefit from Sphere Training tailored to incorporate the organisations vision and to improve individual and team performance. Identified needs around managing change, leadership, communication and team building can be addressed elegantly in an action focused way.

Sphere Training initiates positive change within organisations by:
  • Helping teams and individuals embrace their specific role in enabling the organisations vision of success
  • Establishing a positive culture
  • Promoting creative ‘ whole brain’ thinking
  • Improving interpersonal effectiveness
  • Enabling meetings to be far more focused and effective
  • Providing stress management techniques
  • Establishing systems that clarify motivating goals and achievable action plans

Sphere brain training helps people think more positively and creatively, deal with complexity, avoid stress and perform optimally, in all aspects of their lives. Training is carried out at your premises as a 1- day workshop for up to 15 participants.

Follow-on or stand-alone Coaching helps teams or individuals to perform at the peak of their abilities through a unique co-designed relationship. My approach is solution circle focused and uses powerful tools from NLP to draw out strengths and resources. I facilitate the coachee or team to find their own answers by asking the right questions and supporting their own vision of success.

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A recent CIPD* study suggests significant benefits from coaching for both individuals and organisations:

Corporate benefits
  • 99% feel coaching offers tangible benefits to individuals and organisations
  • 96% feel coaching is an effective way to promote organisational learning
  • 92% feel effective coaching has a positive effect on bottom line
  • 78% use coaching to enhance individual performance
  • 30% use coaching to enhance underperformance
Individual benefits
  • 68% Increased self awareness
  • 62% Better goal setting
  • 61% More balanced life
  • 57% Lower stress levels
  • 53% Enhanced self discovery
  • 52% Increased confidence
*Chartered Institute Of Personnel and Development