Brief Solution-Focused Psychotherapy / Hypnotherapy

Research shows that there is more scientific evidence for hypnotherapy than any other complementary therapy... by using hypnosis people can perform prodigious feats of willpower and self-healing

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Fast effective treatments for many issues including:

Treatments will help you to completely calm and focus your mind, eliminate unwanted behaviours or thought patterns, ensure that you perform at your best when it matters most and feel a deep sense of well-being.

Brief Solution-Focused Therapy

Everybody sometimes finds that life and emotional problems bring them down. Good therapy teaches you skills and gives you abilities that you didn't have before. It also gets you feeling better, more optimistic and having a greater sense of control.

Many therapies require the client to go over and over painful memories in order to gain insight into their particular condition with the focus of therapy centering on the problem. In brief solution focused therapy, the focus is on looking at solutions, on how to get the client's life back on track as quickly as possible, working with achievable goals which let the client know that they're making progress.

So much is now known about how emotional problems 'work' and how they are caused and also the best way to lift them. As a Brief Solution Focused Therapist I will seek to get you feeling better quickly by

  • Only using research based approaches, making therapy more effective.
  • Looking at all related issues in your life, your basic emotional needs, and seeing how they are being met and can be met more effectively.
  • Quickly helping to lift any traumatic memories that may have been getting in the way of your present life.
  • Using deep relaxation and hypnosis in order to improve how you feel about things not just changing how you think about them.
  • Being friendly, approachable and 'human'.
  • Looking at your current life circumstances and actively seeking to help you problem solve practical issues if required.

What is Hypnosis?

It is normal to go in and out of trance-like states many times throughout the day; when we daydream or drive home on autopilot, or when we become engrossed in an activity and are unaware of how much time has passed. In that sense, everyone can and does go into hypnosis on a regular basis. Hypnosis is just an extension of these natural states of being where our focus of attention is much narrower than usual. I will guide you into a deeply relaxed, yet focused state of mind where you can reinforce desired changes at an instinctive level. This ensures that being the way you want to be feels increasingly easy, natural and automatic.

During a hypnotherapy session, some people immediately focus very deeply, whereas others start by just dipping their toes in and then become more involved as time goes on. However, everyone can be guided into a sufficiently focused state to produce real, immediate changes in how they habitually feel and act. Most people enjoy the relaxation of hypnosis so much they are reluctant to awaken immediately, but there is no case of anyone getting "stuck" in hypnosis, anymore than people can get "stuck" in a good film or book.

Booking and fees

To book a session you can contact me on:
Tel: 01323 647425 or 07864779877
Email: info@alisonwardcoaching.org.uk

I offer a free 20-minute consultation either over the phone or on your first visit, to allow you to decide if you would like to continue. Sessions last an hour. (1.5 hrs for smoking cessation) The number of sessions required varies from person to person, and depends on the goal of therapy. Many issues can be completely dealt with in one to two sessions and few need more than five. My fees are £50 per 1 hr session and payment is made at each session either by cash or cheque (with a bankers card). Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours before the session. If they are made less than 24 hours before the session a £25 cancellation fee is payable.

I work from home at:

Old Town, Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Home visits for the housebound within the Eastbourne area are available for a small surcharge. Please ensure you have a suitably quiet room.

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